NDA College Orientation

30 June,2022

NPPS arranged orientation for all grade 11 and 12 students who is looking forward to become future citizens and trying their level best for becoming NDA Cadets. Mr. George Cruz sir's motivation & guidence will help all learners to achieve their goals. “Parents need to visualize what they are going to experience in the campus and how students are going to face situation while completing NDA syllabus through out the upcoming Academic year 2022-23, NPPS College orientation gives parents the opportunity to meet people in real time who will be there for students in the journey of campus life.


27 June,2022

Arrangements by T/O Vikram Patil.

NCC Cadet Batch 2022-23

25 June,2022

NCC Cadet Batch 2022-23 Grade 8 Enrollment process by 5 MAH.BN.NCC Kolhapur @ Narake's Panhala Public School and Defence Academy, Kolhapur.
Special Thanks To Hon.Chairman: Mr. Sandeep Narake Principal: Ms. Maheshwari Chougule SUB : Mr. Prashant Jamnik BHM : Mr. Vaijnath Solav HAL : Mr. Anukush Kindre T/O : Vikram Patil (Vicky Patil) National Cadet Corps (NCC) - India


22 June,2022

NPPS NCC Cadet Corps at Panhala Fort. The group of NCC Cadets from Narake's Panhala Public school & Sanjevan Panhala public school celebrated International Yoga Day at Panhala fort. Under guidance of officer Sub.Pravin Gole & Hav.Lakshman Patil. 5 MAH.BN.NCC KOLHAPUR Arrangements by T/O Vikram Patil & T/O Sagar Patil made to celebrate International Yoga Day NCC Activity. Total 50 Cadets present Spacial thanks to Hon.Chairman Mr. Sandeep Narake Principal: Ms. Maheshwari Chougule

Heartiest Congratulation

16 June,2022

Heartiest Congratulation..
To the shining stars of class 10th for their excellent performance in SSC Board Examination. Special Thanks to the NPPS Management, Parents, Rectors, Teaching and Non Teaching Staff for their Guidance and support for outstanding achievement.

राज्यस्तरीय वकृत्व प्रमाण पत्रक

15 June,2022

सदर शैक्षणिक वर्षात तंबाखूमुक्त शाळा करण्यासाठी शिक्षण विभाग, राष्ट्रीय तंबाखू नियंत्रण कार्यक्रम आणि सलाम मुंबई फाउंडेशन कार्य करीत आहेत. मुलांना तंबाखूमुक्त व आरोग्यदायी वातावरण मिळावे तसेच मुलांना स्वतंत्र व्यसपीठ मिळावे यासाठी बालपरिषदेचे आयोजन करण्यात आलेले आहे. भविष्यातील पिढी तंबाखूमुक्त, आरोग्य सम्पन्न आणि व्यसनमुक्त व्हावी याहेतूने शिक्षकांच्या माध्यमातून महाराष्ट्रातप्रभावीपणे कार्य सुरु आहे. या कार्यास अधिक बळकटी यावी आणि मुलांनी पुढाकार घेवून शाळा तंबाखूमुक्त व्हाव्यात याहेतूने सलाम मुंबई फाऊंडेशन आणि शिक्षण विभाग महाराष्ट्र राज्य यांच्या संयुक्त विद्यमाने बाल दिनानिमित्ताने राज्यस्तरीय वकृत्व व्हिडीओ ऑनलाइन स्पर्धेचे आयोजन करण्यात आले होते. सदर ऑनलाईन स्पर्धेत उत्कुष्ट रित्या सहभागी झाल्याबाबत आपणास सहभागी प्रमाण पत्रक देण्यात येत आहे. पुढील वाटचालीसाठी शुभेच्छा धन्यवाद! संजय ठाणगे सलाम मुंबई फाउंडेशन ( प्रतिनिधी ) Salam Mumbai

Nation Builders Build The Future

11 June,2022

NPPS believe in ensuring that boys and girls should have equal opportunities to enjoy the benefits of sports, Obstacle trainning and physical fitness at every level together. We work to ensure equality of opportunity by focussing on getting more women and girls participating in Teaching, sport, more women working in sport at every Level. Men, Women, Boys and Girls work at equal level as NationBuilder

Wealth is Health

09 june,2022

The greatest wealth is health. Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have. NPPS believes that Sufficient sleep, exercise, healthy food, Good Education, developing skills, a friendly environment and peace of mind are necessities for each child. We start our day full of oxygen and chirping birds around.


05 June,2022

As you Sow, so you Reap. Let's sow seeds today for a better tomorrow. We should nurture the nature so that we can have a better future. Npps Management, Teachers, Students, Parents, Teaching and Non Teaching Staff wishing you Healthy year ahead.