‘Bloom where you are Planted’

Narake’s Panhala Public School and Jr. College is the 1 residential English medium school in Kolhapur since 1984. From 1984 till 2022, the dignity and motto of the institute remain same. We have entered into our 38 glorious year now. NPPS is situated at the foothills of the famous hill station called Panhala, which is blessed with natural beauty and pleasant cool weather throughout the year. It is the ideal location to nurture and grow young minds who will rise up to be the future of our nation.The eco-friendly green campus has well-ventilated classrooms, the perfect infrastructure arranged for the students provided large and spacious dormitories with a homely environment by their caring rectors. Big hygienic mess, where all the students together have their food. God is everywhere but parents can’t be so God created the team of the kitchen, who always try to make tasty and delicious food for the hostel students. Students have daily Yoga and exercise schedule which helps students to strengthen their body, mind and soul.

One who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new that’s the reason competition and achievements made part of the student’s life. Competition helps the students to improve and analyze their self-progress. Apart from preparing the students for success, NPPS allows the students to learn how to make the right turns in their life, encourage others and develop empathy. NPPS identifies the student’s abilities and allow them to keep participating in different types of competition like Sport, Quiz, Education, and Debate. All competitive exams like Scholarship, SPI, NTSE, MTSE, RMS & RIMC.NPPS arranged workshops, talkathons, Trips, and Trekking.

NPPS empowers the students to keep on learning and exploring throughout their lives. The five S’s of sports training are stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit, but NPPS thinks the greatest of these is spirit. To build the spirit amongst all students, NPPS provides the students with different types of sports and sports coaches. NPPS believes in stress-free education for overall development of the child that makes a child attentive, confident, competent, compassionate, committed, successful, and responsible. Extracurricular activities are being conducted after school hours like music and all sport-related activities. Horse riding is unique activity pertaining to NPPS since 1984.

The NPPS takes pride in fulfilling its responsibility by creating responsible citizens who will serve the country. Keeping this vision in mind, the institution prepares students for the NDA, merchant Navy and other defence services. By thinking that NDA is a bright and respectable career.NPPS strive to excel in academic excellence and physical training of the highest quality in order to equip the students with appropriate qualification as a foundation for their defence career. NPPS believed the fact that social impact had its own five principles or five C’s which are chance, clarity, craze, courage, & consideration.

NPPS students get a chance to participate and compete. Conceptual clarity through continuous doubt clearing sessions takes place apart from school hours. Since there is a craze and trend of appearing in academics or school level competitive exams like Scholarships, NTSE, MTSE, RMS, RIMC, SPI, & NDA. They show their craze towards various sports events like Football, Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, gymnastics, Judo, Wrestling, Archery, Wushu, Karate, Horse riding, boxing, basketball, badminton, and music. We make them build the courage to face the world of cutthroat competition and enable them to take considerable and calculated risks.


Sanstha Name

Kumbhi Kasari Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

School/College Name

Narake's Panhala Public School, Panhala

Types Of School/College

Residential Co-Educational School/College

Establishment Year


School U-DISE (Primary I to IV)


School U-DISE ( V to XII )


School Index Number



Maharashtra State Board


From I to XII(NDA, IMU-CET Preparatory Classes)

Campus Area

12 Acres


(+91)8208611698 / 9168539900

Student Strength

500 +

Our History

Narake's Panhala Public School & Jr. College was founded by ‘Kumbhi Kasari Shikshan Prasarak Mandal' Kuditre, in the year 1984. The school was a dream of Late Mr D. C. Narake, who was an architect of Kumbi Kasari Shikshan Prasarak Mandal. Ever since Kumbhi Kasari Shikshan Prasarak Mandal has been working in the field of education for almost three decades. The school aims at providing high quality balanced educational program which allows overall development of the students.

The management of the school is currently headed by the Chairman Mr. Sandeep Narake, a man of distinct vision and dynamism in the field of management and education. He firmly believes in the fact that every child is potentially the light of the world, and endeavours to see the budding children as the future of the nation. He invites the aspiring parents who dream of giving their children, such a novel education to come forward and make their child a part of this strong nation building process. “We don't just teach, we groom the child”, this belief had let to the laying of foundation at Narake's Panhala Public School & Jr. College. It’s been almost 35 years gone by but the quality education, we offer is still distinct and pure.

Narake’s Panhala Public School & Junior College shares a common Mission i: e ‘Striving for Human Excellence’. We aim at creating responsible citizens who will positively contribute to the nation in whichever field they are in. The Vision of NPPS is to be a Model of Excellence in developing all students academically, physically and socially. Thus, mentally empowering the students to Compete & Contribute in a society.